Cooking with Milleens

Milleens is a great cheese to use in cooking as it contains little or no lactose and therefore does not catch, burn, or brown. Use it in sauces, souffles or other recipes involving cheese, such as pizzas or toasted rabbits. Below are some recipes using Milleens as an ingredient.

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Milleens with Pasta

Warm some cream slowly and gently in a pan with fresh or dried sage. Strain away the sage. Add skinned and chopped Milleens to the hot cream and stir until the cheese dissolves and disappears. Pour this sauce over freshly cooked tagliatelli or, better still, add the pasta to the pan. – Di Bruno Bros


200 – 250 grams (half-a-pound) Milleens grated
200 – 250mls Cream (a bit less than half-a-pint or one cup)

In a saucepan warm some cream, about a half-pint, in which you have placed a handful of fresh sage leaves. Allow this reduction to sit on a warm range or hot plate until the cream has absorbed the flavour of the sage and then strain away the sage. Add Milleens and stir until the cheese disappears.

Cook the tagliatelli until al dente. Drain.

Pour the tagliatelli over the creamy sauce. Mix. Serve.

This dish stands alone, but can be rendered more substantial by the addition of ham which has been cut into strips of the same width as the pasta, or some cooked white fish, or smoked fish, or chopped cooked spinach, or, best of all, when in season, some lightly cooked Italian Fennel.

Mashed Potatoes with Milleens Chunks



Cubes of cheese are folded into the hot mashed potatoes. Spring Onions, in generous proportion, cream, butter, pepper and salt may all add savour to this dish which is a delightful counterpoint to crisply grilled bacon, lamb cutlets, or lamb’s liver.

Milleens Pouffes


Warm Choux Pastry Mix

Fold diced( ¼ inch little cubes) Milleens into choux pastry. Spoon or pipe tablespoonfuls (4 t-spoons)of the warm sticky mix onto a baking sheet in stiff little mounds. Bake. Serve hot . These profiteroles can be prepared in advance and served cold as a canapé with a crisp, white wine or they can be served hot from the oven, basted with the gravy of a roast of beef, lamb, fowl, or game. They are wonderful when filled with a mild horseradish sauce. One that has been mixed with parsnip puree. Or swede turnip puree.

Stormy Baked Milleens Fondue
Courtesy of the Hungry Breton: Hungry Breton Recipe Page


1 Milleens
2 shallots
a splash of white wine
a pinch of toasted cumin seeds
a sprig of rosemary
freshly milled black pepper
as many potatoes as you like


Peel and boil the potatoes in salted water and drain when they are cooked. In a earthenware dish, put the cheese and all the rest of the ingredients together. Preheat the oven at 200c, it will only take 10 to 15 minutes.

Bernadette O’ Shea’s Milleens Pizza – from Pizza Defined

Darina Allen in her Weekend Food column in the Irish Examiner of 14th February 2017 wrote about about Veronica and Milleens Cheese and gave the following recipe.  Read Darina’s Article

This is one step up from a pizza baked blind. It doesn’t have a sauce, it doesn’t have Mozzarella, it doesn’t have any of the traditional things you associate with a pizza.

When Milleens is cooked and melts, it has a buttery, slightly nutty sharp taste and the perfect pairing for that is sun-dried tomatoes, and a glut of soft herbs on top, always soft herbs: yellow marjoram, sweet marjoram, basil and oregano.  These suit the herbaceousness of one the great West Cork cheeses.


140g (5oz) basic pizza dough
Basil oil or sun-dried tomato oil
85g (3oz) sundried tomatoes, excess oil squeezed out, shredded into strips
85g (3oz) cream cheese
85g (3oz) Milleens cheese, very finely sliced
Fresh herbs (marjoram, oregano, basil, yellow marjoram, lemon thyme etc.)
Rosemary oil or sun-dried tomato oil

Place Pizza Tile on floor of the oven and preheat to maximum for one hour.

Assembling the pizza – Stretch the dough into a 20cm (8 inch) circle. Brush the surface with basil oil, or sun-dried tomato oil. Scatter the sundried tomatoes on top of the base. Dot with cream cheese to prevent from burning. Cover with Milleens. Bake in the preheated oven for approx. 10 mins.

After cooking brush the outer edge of the pizza with either rosemary oil or olive oil from the sun-dried tomatoes and scatter over a generous amount of the fresh herbs.